Join Jim, Adam, and new occupier of the guest seat Chris as the trio discuss the best, and absolute worst dads in comics. Recorded on Father's Day 2017 no less! I have to say that, and maybe I'm biased, but that this show really has one of the widest ranges of characters we've discussed since the beginning of the show, so we hope you like it.

And if you did, or even if you didn't, we'd love to hear your thoughts about it. You can contact us via email:, or on Twitter where you can find us @graphicpodcast. We also share all kinds of art and other kinds of fun stuff on Instagram where you can find us @graphiccontent.podcast. And finally, you can see all kinds of news and teases for upcoming episodes (including our new show about all things Star Wars called "Holonet HQ") on our official FB page which can be found at

So like we say at the end of each episode: go read a comic! And after you're done, listen to Graphic Content...

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