In this episode of the Graphic Content Podcast, Jim talks to Adam about the weekend he spent at the inaugural ID10T Festival presented by Nerdist's Chris Hardwick, A12 Productions, and Live Nation! We try to figure out if it's supposed to be called "Eye-Dee-Ten-Tee Fest" or "Idiot Fest". (Honestly, I'm sure either one works just fine). We talk about what the experience was like at a "transmedia event" like this that featured some of the best in comics, comedy, and music. Seriously-amazing talent from all three sectors were featured that weekend too numerous to count, but you can check out the festival's website out at for the roll call of all the artists featured there!

So, after Adam and Jim blather on about the festival in general, the really good stuff starts: and that's the interviews Adam had with a variety of comic industry talent! First off is an interview with Mike Marts from Aftershock Comics, whom some long-time comics readers might know as a 20-year veteran of the "Big Two" comics publishers editing the Batman titles at DC before moving down the street to Marvel to take over the editorial reigns of the X-Men titles during the time Ed Brubaker was writing those books. Adam also talks with Matt Wilson (colorist on The Wicked + The Divine amongst a long list of other titles), Chris Burnham (an amazing penciller who's drawn mainstream comics like many Batman titles for DC & X-Men: Manifest Destiny for Marvel; to small press/creator-owned work like Nixon's Pals and Officer Downe). On Day 2 Adam spoke with Matt Horak (artist on Marvel's Punisher with Becky Cloonan), and wraps-up his ID10T coverage with a long-ish interview with one of my favorite creators in the comics business, the one and only Phil Hester!

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