And we're back... after a week off. All of us here at Graphic Content are thankful for your patience while we took a week off. Today on the show, Adam is back to join Jim in talking about the highs and lows of DC Comics' recently-completed crossover specials with the Looney Toons characters. The highs were most-definitely Eisner Award-worth, and the lows... well, let's just say it's Adam's turn to blow a gasket on this episode. We hope you like it.

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Coming up soon, we'll be covering all the news from San Diego Comic Con this weekend in a special episode to wrap everything up set to drop Monday, January 23rd. And next week's episode dropping on the 27th will feature DC's crossovers with their various Hanna-Barberra characters from late last year, because we just love themes. So until next time, badee-badee-badee that's all folks!

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