Jim is flying Solo (get it, "Solo"... heh heh... heh) this week in a chat about the goings-on the Holonet HQ Facebook Group, as well as the little kerfuffle you might've heard about going-down at Pinewood Studios last week. You know, the one where Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were fired by the Powers That Be at Lucasfilm with only 3 weeks of principal photography left to shoot for the "Untitled Han Solo Spinoff Movie"? I try not to ramble too, too much about it, but there is a certain stream-of-consciousness to the podcast that I'm curious if you like or not.

"Holonet HQ" is the official podcast of the Facebook group of Star Wars fans of the same name. The group is now live on Facebook, and we'd love for you to join us! (We do ask that you request to join the group so our Jedi Moderators can be assured you're not a Sith Lord in disguise or anything) If you're not on Facebook but would like to contact us about the content of this, or our previous episode, we'd still love to hear from you! We're part of the Graphic Contect Podcast Feed so we're on Twitter @graphicpodcast, or you can send us a long-form email to thereal.graphiccontent@gmail.com.

So until next time, May the Force be With You... Always.

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